Year for 2022 encourages us to start afresh

As India’s paint giant that’s dominated the industry for eight decades, Asian Paints has witnessed, as well as anticipated, trends and style movements that constantly evolve with the times. With its comprehensive forecast team, ColourNext (the only initiative of its kind in the country) comprising creatives across architecture, interior design, art, fashion and consumer goods, Asian Paints develops trend forecasts and a ‘hero’ known as the Colour of the Year. These colour and trend selections are presented to help consumers create styles to update and freshen up their spaces in hues that also reflect the zeitgeist of their time.

Whether change is slow and gradual or quick and sudden, it’s always inevitable. As time moves forward, nature serves as a perfect example of transitions with each season. To echo this, the Wallpaper of the Year is Lotus and Stilts. With simple matchbox-style art, this vibrant yet soothing wall covering displays a tranquil scenery on the Nal Sarovar lake. While migratory birds display their strength in embracing and adapting to changing seasons every year, the lotus symbolises resilience with its power to bloom in the most unlikely places. From a single strip or panel across a wall to a complete room makeover in a room—the Asian Paints’ Colour and Wallpaper of the Year will be quietly inspire and empower you to take on a newer, exciting future.